A Cup of Capital

Aishwarya Patki
Everybody has dreams, and everyone does everything possible to achieve those. But something is intoxicating about the dreams you have as an entrepreneur. 

The sheer scale of your dreams, the multiple challenges you will face, expected and unexpected, and the sweet taste of each small success, adding up to a dream come true, can get anyone's adrenaline pumping, as it did mine. 

I discovered this world by accident. I set out on my career path as a Chartered Accountant and worked in India for a few years. Over the years, my interest in Corporate Finance kept building, which pushed me to apply for a master's degree in France. During my master, I started getting more and more obsessed with Private Equity and Venture Capital. I believe entrepreneurs are born, and I am definitely no born entrepreneur, but that did not stop me from partaking in this thrilling industry.

After completing a couple of internships recently with some fantastic VC firms, I had to take a break to study further. However, within a few days of finishing my last internship, I started missing this world so much, I decided it was time to dive back in.

Thus, I decided to set up a podcast to talk to fantastic entrepreneurs and investors about the most exciting and challenging aspects of their journeys, in the hopes that these shared experiences will help the next generation of entrepreneurs to revolutionize our world in a better way.

Even as I set up as many episodes as possible to address a rainbow of topics, I would appreciate my listeners' feedback. If you have a question you want to be addressed or know a person who could make invaluable additions to the podcast, please leave your suggestions below.

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