A Cup of Capital

Aishwarya Patki
The (Mixed) Reality of the Edtech Industry, with Piyush Hemnani

2021-09-11 16 min

The Coronavirus pandemic has forever changed multiple aspects of our society. The educational sector has also needed to adapt to the “new normal”, a process in which technology was the cornerstone. Piyush Hemnani, VC analyst at Mediahuis Ventures, shares his insight on how the Edtech sector and innovations therein have scaled rapidly during the recent years, with a special focus on MR/AR/VR applications.
Opportunities and challenges for IoT in the global Retail Supply Chain industry, with Girish Dhaneshwar

2021-05-04 21 min

Girish Dhaneshwar, Consulting Practice Leader for Retail, Consumer Goods, and Travel & Hospitality at Cognizant, gives us an insight into how IoT has affected the Retail Supply Chain industry, why IoT is gaining importance in the retail supply chain, and which areas of retail supply chain use IoT solutions to solve their problems and why. He also shares his opinion on what can determine whether your IoT products will be successful in getting adopted and accepted in the industry and gives us an idea about what mistakes to avoid. I would like to clarify that the podcast focuses on Girish’s personal opinions, and his statements are, in no manner or fashion, representative of Cognizant as a company. 
Tracking your SaaS Metrics and Assessing your Team for VC, with Florent-Aurélien Couturier-Crouzillac

2021-04-06 28 min

Numbers speak louder than words. Today, my guest is Florent-Aurélien Couturier-Crouzillac, an associate at DTCP in their Growth Equity team. We talk about SaaS and its important metrics – from the POV of the investor. Florent explains which SaaS metrics count for the most with VCs, what is a good level for each, and how the founders can improve them. We also discuss how the VCs envisage a winning team and how a founder should build his team. Florent ends the episode with critical advice to listeners: you must listen to all advice, but you need not comply with all of it!