A Cup of Capital

Aishwarya Patki

The (Mixed) Reality of the Edtech Industry, with Piyush Hemnani

2021-09-11 16 min

Description & Show Notes

The Coronavirus pandemic has forever changed multiple aspects of our society. The educational sector has also needed to adapt to the “new normal”, a process in which technology was the cornerstone. Piyush Hemnani, VC analyst at Mediahuis Ventures, shares his insight on how the Edtech sector and innovations therein have scaled rapidly during the recent years, with a special focus on MR/AR/VR applications.

Today’s episode talks about:
• Increased consumer adoption of AR/VR Edtech applications in various industries,
• Key AR/VR trends that emerged or gained strength during the pandemic,
• Why MR market adaption fell short of our expectations so far and what challenges contribute to this slow pace,
• What challenges VCs face while investing in AR/VR solutions, and why investments might pick up soon,
• What pain points do entrepreneurs and consumers face while consuming AR/VR content,
• How the pandemic affected Edtech, and the future of the sector after the pandemic
• Upcoming Edtech opportunities and a few powerful tips for entrepreneurs entering the sector.

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